Careers information

Careers information

Choosing a career is an important decision, it is vital that you follow a pathway that interests you. Use the pages below to explore your options and choices post-16 and beyond.

Careers education, guidance and advice is an integral part of your child's curriculum and experience at Hermitage Academy.

At Hermitage Academy, our Careers Leader is Mrs M Wake.  Janine Marshall ensures strategic oversight for careers provision at Hermitage Academy. 

Both Mrs Wake and Mrs Marshall may be contacted at Hermitage Academy, Waldridge Lane, Chester le Street, County Durham, DH2 3AD. (Telephone: 0191 388 7161 Email: [email protected] 

Hermitage Academy works in partnership with ‘Progress Careers’ together so that we are able to deliver up-to-date, state of the art careers education, advice and guidance.

LMI 'careerometer'

LMI bulletin information

Labour Market Information (LMI) refers to any relevant information about the current state of the jobs market.

LMI can include information like:

  • The industries and businesses that operate in a certain our local area.
  • The types of jobs that exist and what they involve.
  • How many of those jobs there are with links to our local area.
  • The skills that are currently or will be in high demand.
  • Commute and travel to work patterns.
  • Typical rates of pay.
  • Career progression opportunities.

Why Is LMI Useful?

LMI helps to demystify the jobs market. It helps to take the confusion out of job hunting, career planning, career progression, and changing career. We believe it is important for our students to have accurate and up-to-date information to ensure they are better equipped to make an informed choice and to plan appropriately.

North East labour market

You can find helpful information on the North East's labour market below or download a recent report here. 

How To Research LMI

We think it is important for our students to be able to research our local LMI. To do this, we’ve compiled some resources to help you. is a career website aimed at recent graduates and current undergraduate students. If you’ve ever wondered, “what can I do with my degree?” Prospects is the site for you. Take the quiz or use the Career Planner to start working out where you want to go.

LMI For All is an online portal that collates various sources of LMI to provide high-quality data.

The National Careers Service offers over 800 job profiles on its website. Under each profile you’ll learn about the average salary, working hours, typical duties, and routes into the profession.