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School uniform

At Hermitage Academy, our school uniform is an important expression of our pride in our school. Regardless of background or ability, wearing a smart school uniform promotes equality and a feeling of community. We ask that everyone, students, parents and carers, help to ensure that our school dress code is always observed.

How to order

Uniform items (with free returns) are available to purchase online from Emblamatic here. Please use the sizing guides provided on the Emblamatic website to ensure a good fit and minimise the need for returns.

Shirts and trousers can be purchased from external suppliers as long as they adhere to the school uniform policy below.

You can also order uniform at one of our ordering days.

Hermitage Academy school uniform


Blazers, jumpers, shirts and tie

  • Navy blazer with embroidered school badge – only available from Emblematic

  • Navy V-neck jumper or cardigan with embroidered school badge – only available from Emblematic – these are the only jumpers/cardigans permitted to be worn.

  • Pale blue school shirt

  • School tie – only available from Emblematic

Trousers and skirts

  • Navy tartan pleated skirt – only available from Emblematic.

  • Plain navy straight cut trousers – available from Emblematic.

    If parents/carers wish to buy trousers from a different supplier, please ensure that they are not tight fitting and are long enough to ensure that ankles are not displayed.

    Trousers must not have stripes and must not have any adornments or fashion zips. No combats, no jeans, no jeggings or leggings are permitted.


  • Plain black, formal, leather or leather style shoes which can be polished. No trainers, plimsolls, pumps, boots or converse shoes.

  • Socks must be navy, black, grey or white. They must be ankle socks or longer. Trainer liners are not permitted.

  • Tights must be plain navy, black or grey

Compulsory PE kit

  • Sector polo - only available from Emblematic.

  • Sector panel shorts and/or skirt and/or cuffed tracksuit pants and/or leggings - only available from Emblematic.

  • Knee high navy sports socks - available from Emblematic or any supplier

  • Other optional items are available - see uniform visuals on the website.

    Trainers must be worn in PE lessons.
    Plimsolls, Converse, or canvas type shoes are not suitable. Students are advised to wear football boots for football and rugby. Optional items are available and can be viewed on the website.


Optional outerwear by Emblematic can be viewed on the website.
Outside coats, caps or hats should not be worn in the building.
In snowy conditions, pupils will be permitted to wear short boots indoors. If they wear wellingtons or long boots to school, they will need to change them when they arrive.

Make-up and hair

  • Makeup should not be visible.

  • False eyelashes are not to be worn.

  • Lipstick is not to be worn.

  • Nails are not to be painted and false nails are not to be worn.

  • Haircuts should not be less than a 1

  • Students are not permitted to have tram lines or sculptures in their hair or any extreme hairstyles

  • Students should not dye their hair an unnatural colour


  • Students are allowed to wear one plain stud in each earlobe. Diamante earrings are not allowed. No other jewellery is permitted including necklaces, bracelets or rings.
  • Body piercings that are visible are not allowed, including tongued piercings, nose and eyebrow studs.

  • Visible tattoos are not allowed.

  • Plugs/expanders are not allowed.

  • Watches are allowed but please ensure they are suitable for a school environment.








Second hand uniform support

In order to support families, we are pleased to be able to share with you that we have made links with two charity shops in Chester-Le-Street, St Cuthbert’s Hospice and Age UK.

Both charity shops are willing to receive donations of school uniform that is still in a good condition, and that can be bought second-hand for future or existing students at our school. The shops themselves will set the prices for the different parts of the uniform, and all monies will go directly to both charities to support them in their important work. 

If you do have any items of school uniform that your child no longer needs and you are happy to donate, please drop them into St Cuthbert’s Hospice and/or Age UK. We really want to support our families, local partnerships and charities.

  • St Cuthbert's Hospice, 172 Front Street, Chester le Street, DH3 3AZ.
  • Age UK, 80 Front Street, Chester le Street, DH3 3BB.

Did you know?

Each of our school blazers save 46 plastic bottles from landfill! Our blazers are made with RE-VIVE fabric - an innovative, eco friendly material produced by Trutex. 

Here’s how it works...

  • Plastic bottles are shredded into ‘flakes’ and heated to make the material workable (known as the depolymerisation process). 
  • The flakes undergo further complex heating processes to form recycled chips which are then put through a special machine to form a fine polyester yarn which can then be woven into a durable fabric.

... and voilá, our school blazers are ready to be worn, helping to save the planet! 

  • PE kit
  • PE kit