Drama and Theatre

The study of performing arts is not just for those who wish to work in the industry itself. It gives students an advantage in any career that involves working and communicating confidently and creatively with others.

Students analyse and critically evaluate the work of several professional practitioners and develop practical skills in the discipline of their choice: acting, dance or musical theatre. They go on to apply such knowledge and skills to rehearsals, workshops, performances and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses as performers.

Students of performing arts form close and positive relationships with each other and learn to truly understand what it takes to be a successful collaborator and member of a team – a vital life-long skill. They develop confidence in presenting and communication and learn how to work with focus and commitment towards a common goal in the form of productions that they will never forget.

Study at Key Stage 5 is tough in any subject, however, performing arts students have the opportunity to move out of the traditional classroom, to be creative and imaginative; push boundaries; look beyond the conventional and explore how the art forms they love touch the lives of ordinary people every day.


A level Drama and Theatre

Awarding body EDUQAS
Course content

Drama and Theatre is split into 3 components. 

Component 1:  Theatre Workshop

Component 2: Text in Action

Component 3: Text in Performance

Year 12

Researching– Seeking inspiration from theatre practitioners and styles

Developing – Working collaboratively to apply performance and design skills to both published material and original ideas

Realising – Presenting the performance or design

Reflecting – Evaluating own work and the work of others to aid the next creation stage

Year 13

Performing -   Live performance or design for visiting examiner 

Directing – Opportunity to direct peers to help apply an engaging performance vision for pre-published texts 

Evaluating – Reflecting on the work of others to develop ideas for contemporary performance


Component 1, Theatre Workshop, is working collaboratively with actors and designers to create a piece of theatre based on an extract from a text. The material created will use the techniques and working methods of either an influential theatre practitioner or a recognised theatre company. C1 is worth 20% of qualification. 

Component 2, Text in Action, is also working collaboratively to produce two performance pieces which are externally assessed by a visiting examiner. There is an option to be assessed on acting or design elements such as lighting, costume set etc. C2 is worth 40% of qualification

Component 3, Text in Performance, is a written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes. Learners will respond to questions (sharing their vision) as a director, a designer and an actor for three contrasting play texts. C3 is worth 40% of qualification.

Why study this subject?

Drama is an exciting and inspiring course which enables you to combine creative and analytical approaches to performance and design. This highly practical specification provides learners with the opportunity to work as either performers and/or designers and it will increase your ability to think creatively, imaginatively and divergently.

I chose to study performing arts as I really enjoyed my drama lessons at Key Stage 3 and 4 at Hermitage Academy. I loved the course! Not only did I develop my skills in all three art forms, I challenged myself physically, creatively and academically.

Why study performing arts?

The qualification will particularly support entry to degrees where knowledge of the sector is relevant. Performing arts can be an advantage in many career areas and higher education courses including: Teaching; social work/youth work; events management; leisure and tourism; hospitality; media and broadcasting.

I have always had a passion for Performing Arts, which made me want to find somewhere for sixth form which gave me opportunities to explore my passion further. I discovered Hermitage Academy had the amazing facilities of the drama and dance studio and I knew this was the place I wanted to study.