Health and social care

Health and social care is part of everyone’s life. The course helps students gain an understanding of how to best help and support those who need it the most. We will look at what makes us healthy as well as how to look after ourselves and others, which plays a fundamental part in the wellbeing of society.


BTEC Level 3 National in health and social care (equivalent to one A level)

Awarding body Pearson/Edexcel

Year 12

Unit 1 (exam) - Human lifespan development. Adding to students’ Level 2 knowledge of theorists and evaluating their findings.

Unit 5 (coursework) - Meeting individual care and support needs. Using case studies, students show their response to the individual’s care needs.

Year 13

Unit 2 (exam) - Working in health and social care. The study of care roles and professions including professional responsibilities and duty of care.

Unit 14 (coursework) - Physiological disorders and their care. Students choose two physiological disorders and create a treatment plan for an individual with one of the conditions.


Two externally assessed exams and two internally assessed pieces of coursework. The assessment is split so that students will complete one exam and one piece of coursework per year.

Acknowledging peoples struggles and learning how to support and care for them is a crucial part of life. I would love to professionally support individuals in the future and health and social care has enabled me to learn the key skills needed for my future career.

Why study health and social care?

Health and social care is perfect for those who want to work with people, especially in the NHS, care professions or public services. This Level 3 qualification is designed to support progression to higher education when taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC Nationals or A levels.

Taking Health and Social Care, I have learnt more about myself and my family than I thought I would, the lessons are never the same and I always feel blown away with the things I'm taught. It also helps that the teachers are AMAZING! I completely recommend Health and Social Care.