Law is the perfect fit for students who are fascinated by the world around them, would like to explore the laws which govern their everyday lives. Although academically demanding, students will benefit from and enjoy the application of law to a number of issues.

Law is such an intriguing subject to study. Throughout my two years studying the subject I have developed so much knowledge and learnt so many interesting things which I can apply to daily life. Each lesson had something different, and the teaching standard was excellent.
My favourite part of law was that it combined elements of politics and history into the study. Personally, studying A level law provided me with an insight into some of the fundamental areas of English law and helped to confirm it as a future career option.


A level law

Awarding body AQA

Year 12

Law is split into a number of topics.

Criminal law
Tort law
The English legal system

Year 13

Contract law
Concept of fault
Balancing conflicting interests

Law and justice

Law and morals


Three written examinations at the end of Year 13 - each paper is worth 33% of the final grade.

Why study law?

Law is an excellent qualification for a wide range of university courses, most notably law itself. All students who have studied law at A level and who continue law to degree level, report that they are at a distinct advantage having studied law previously.  Universities see the benefits of prospective students having studied law at A level. As well as being excellent preparation for higher education, law is useful for those considering a career in the civil service, banking, media, the police, local government, accountancy, business and of course the legal profession. Additionally, law students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of course related experiences such as:

  • Visit to Newcastle Crown Court
  • Talk by a solicitor and barrister
  • Compete in mock trials with the Law Society
I would recommend anyone wanting to learn about the law and develop critical thinking skills to choose this subject. Miss Whitaker is an incredibly supportive and passionate teacher that pushed us to voice our own ideas and always asked challenging questions to help us fully reach our potential.