Hermitage Academy-119

Curriculum Overview

A carefully planned and structured curriculum is the foundation upon which excellent learning and development is built. Significant work with subject leaders has ensured this is now in place.

The curriculum is broad and balanced. It is demanding and progressive. It is carefully planned so that content is regularly revisited and learning ‘sticks’. Our aim, through the curriculum, is to develop:

  • a ‘love and passion for learning’;
  • enquiring and inquisitive minds;
  • the wider ‘soft-skills’ required to be a productive member of the work force;
  • an understanding, through the careers programme, of the opportunities available to students once they leave school;
  • an understanding of ‘British Values’ and the implications for life in modern day Britain;
  • students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning.

Our curriculum is constructed on the following principles to support the above; namely that:

  • developing language is the remit of all subjects;
  • acquiring subject-specific vocabulary and knowledge is key for students to be able to solve complex problems;
  • students need to practise and apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt in lessons;
  • frequent opportunities are built into lessons to enable pupils to recall and retrieve previous learning so that becomes embedded and can be applied with confidence;
  • knowledge is carefully scaffolded with new learning building on the strong foundations of previous knowledge. This is achieved through careful curriculum planning.
  • the vast majority of students will be entered for the English Baccalaureate (two languages are now taught from Year 7 and all students now study triple science up to GCSE level);
  • all students now experience a careers education based on the Gatsby benchmarks that underpin a world class careers education;
  • -the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect of those with different faiths and beliefs, are taught explicitly and then lived and experienced through the life of the school;
  • SMSC is embedded into our pastoral and curriculum programmes.