Health and social care

Health and social care

Health and social care is part of everyone’s life, looking at what makes us healthy and how to look after our wellbeing. The course helps students gain an understanding of how to best help and support those who need it the most.

This subject content  allow pupils to understand how people grow and develop throughout the various life stages and the support that can be put into place if anything becomes a barrier to this development.

Students learn about the varying needs of individuals throughout their lives and the roles of the various organisations available to support such needs, such as the National Health Service.

We study people of all ages and abilities, ranging from infants through to old age identifying the changes they go through and what they need in order to develop holistically.

National Extended Certificate (single option, equivalent to one A level)

National Diploma (double option, equivalent to two A levels)

Entry requirements – we recommend a minimum of five level 5 GCSE grades or higher including Maths, English and Science, we also need students who are caring, compassionate and respectful.

National Diploma (Double option) students study all of the Extended Certificate units alongside the Diploma units

National Extended Certificate

National Diploma

Year 12

Unit 1 – Exam - Human Lifespan development  

Unit 5 – Coursework - Meeting Individual Care & Support Needs

Year 12

Unit 4 – Controlled Coursework -  Enquiries into Current Research in HSC

Unit 14 – Coursework - Physiological Disorders and their Care


Year 13

Unit 2 – Exam - Working in Health and Social Care

Unit 12 – Coursework -  Supporting Individuals with

                                        Additional Needs

Year 13

Unit 7 – Coursework - Principles of Safe Practice in Health & Social Care

Unit 8 - Promoting Public Health

The mandatory units must be studied to fulfil the exam board requirements, this ensures that all learners follow a coherent programmes of study and acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills that will be recognised and valued in the health profession and by universities and employers. The two units that can be selected by the centre (in our case Units 12 & 14) have been chosen to give students a broad understanding of working with individuals with various needs which we believe will best complement their HSC experience.