Business is the perfect fit for students who are interested and inspired by the world around them. Business is all around us, from theme parks, holidays or home deliveries.

In lessons, we discuss topics which are in the news and analyse decisions using knowledge gained in class. Business changes and adapts and students will be asked to analyse decisions made by businesses. How could that business closure have been avoided? How could a business have prepared for an unplanned event? Why have they been successful?

We bring business to life by visiting businesses and attend exhibitions. This allows students to observe and network with businesses and the opportunity to apply their knowledge to different business sectors. Students develop a range of skills including, analytical and creative, problem solving, evaluative and presentation.

Students find business rewarding because they are provided with a set of foundational skills, understandings and personal attributes, which will help them to engage with the dynamic business environment and fulfil their potential in their personal and professional lives, now and into the future.

I love how business is current and we are living through monumental changes. We always discuss current events and explain what we would have done differently to make a business succeed.
Year 12 student


A level business

Awarding body


Entry requirements

Grade 5 or above in both GCSE maths and English.

Year 12

Theme 1 – Marketing and People – students are introduced to business concepts, such as the market; the marketing mix; managing people and leaders.

Theme 2 – Managing Business Activities – students will look at how businesses can raise finance; managing finance; analyse financial documents and external influences.

Year 13

Theme 3 – Business Decisions and Strategy – students will learn about business growth; decision-making techniques; business objectives and strategies; and influences on business strategies.

Theme 4 – Global Business – students learn about globalisation; global marketing; global markets and business expansion and multinational corporations.


Three written examinations at the end of Year 13. All exam papers include data response questions and extended open-response questions. Students are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of business linked to real-life case studies. They are graded on their analytical and evaluative skills.

Paper 1 – 35% of qualification and questions are drawn from Theme 1 and Theme 1.

Paper 2 – 35% of qualification and questions are drawn from Theme 2 and Theme 3.

Paper 3 – 30% of qualification and questions are drawn from all themes.

I enjoy studying business because it’s relevant, current and very interesting. I’ve decided to study business at university!
Year 13 student

Why study business?

Business is of particular value to those hoping to pursue careers in any business. Some careers include marketing, human resources, accountancy, retail and sales, travel and tourism, financial advisors, management, business consultancy, advertising, hospitality and more!

Business is my passion, it’s helped to prepare me for the world of work.
Year 12 student