English language

Students of English at Hermitage Academy study a rich, engaging and challenging English curriculum. They analyse a wide variety of texts, including poetry, plays, fiction as well as non-fiction prose and the media. Our students are encouraged to read texts through time, from medieval tales to more modern writing, including Gothic fiction and war poetry.

One of the core dramatists whose work students explore is of course Shakespeare! We investigate Shakespeare’s language and dramatic storytelling, and discover social, cultural and historical contexts linked to his work (including how, for example, King James’s fascination and suspicion of ‘witches’ influenced Macbeth!). Delving into literary contexts means that our students can draw on their knowledge from many other disciplines too such as History, Geography and Art.

Self-expression is a fundamental aspect of English lessons at The Hermitage Academy and this comes in many different guises. Our students enjoy expressing viewpoints through extended essay writing skills and they also write creatively in a variety of formats for many real-world purposes. We also like to encourage our students to formulate opinions and challenge these through discussion, debate and questioning.  Opportunities are provided for students to enjoy and reflect on their own reading too, as well as studying text type conventions, style and the importance of editing and proof reading their writing. In short, students develop and hone their creative, analytical and critical enquiry skills in English, underpinned by an ethos of discovery, resilience and independent thinking.

Year 12 Literature:

1 Introduction to Literature and Paper 2: WW1 and its Aftermath: Poems of Wilfred Owen and Life Class and unseen extracts

2 Paper 2: WW1 and its Aftermath: Journey’s End and Life Class, Owen poetry and unseen extracts

3 Continuation of WW1 and its Aftermath: Journey’s End and Owen poetry

4 Continuation of WW1 and its Aftermath – essay writing skills and exam preparation skills

5 Plan and begin coursework (20% of total qualification)

6 Continue with coursework (20% of total qualification) – completion by the end of the summer term.

Year 13 Literature (AQA September 2020):

1 Othello and The Great Gatsby

2 Continuation of Othello and The Great Gatsby

3 Poetry – love through the ages, and review coursework (20% of total qualification)

4 Revision of core texts from Year 1 (WW1 and its aftermath)

5 Preparation for examinations

Year 13 Literature (OCR September 2019):

1 Complete coursework (20% of total qualification); Rossetti and Ibsen Comparison

2 Hamlet; exam skills for Rossetti and Ibsen

3 Exam skills: Revising The Handmaid’s Tale and 1984 and unseen extracts

4 Revision

Year 12 Language:                                                    

1 Language and Power; Language and Gender; Language and Technology

2 Language Levels: Spoken and Written

3 Comparing Texts; Language Under the Microscope

4 Language Change; Topical Debates

5 Language Change; Language Investigation beginnings

6 Plan and begin coursework (Language Investigation), including the collection of data

Year 13 Language:

1 Complete coursework (Language Investigation and Academic Poster 20% of total qualification)

2 Language Change

3 Language Acquisition

4 Language and Media

5 Revision

6 Revision