Talented gymnast Ella selected to represent Team GB!

Date Published:
Wednesday 22 April 2020
Ella selected to represent Team GB

Congratulations to one of our very talented Year 8 students, Ella Rodgerson, who was recently selected as a Team GB reserve for the Acrobatic World Championship in Geneva!

Ella trains on average 23 hours a week as part of an acrobatic trio for the 12-18 age group at Deerness Gymnastics Academy in Durham. Ella is the "top" partner, the one who is stacked high above the other teammates, with the other two girls working as bases. 

Unfortunately, due to the current coronavirus crisis, the event may not go ahead at this time, however, being selected to represent your country in a worldwide competition is an amazing achievement. We can't wait to hear more about Ella's fantastic gymnastic career in the future!