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Sixth Form opportunities

At Hermitage Sixth Form we understand that your future success depends not only on excellent academic achievement but also on the range of skills you develop and the wider opportunities you engage with. That's why we've developed a broad package of activities that will help you to get the most out of your sixth form experience.

Student leadership programme

To maximise students’ potential and nurture their ambitions, we offer exciting leadership opportunities through our student leadership programme. 

In sixth form, a small but significant team of students are elected to develop leadership skills through representing the student body. These students are elected in Year 12 and form an important part of the whole school council and student voice in the sixth form community.

My appointment as a student leader has made me proud to be part of Hermitage Sixth Form. As Student Council Leader, I ensure that regular council meetings run efficiently and effectively so students can share their opinions and have a positive influence in the future decisions that may affect them.
Owen Clark, Student Council Leader