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Excel at Hermitage

Sixth Form is one of the most exciting stages of your education as you start to make plans for your future and look forward to your next steps in life.

At Hermitage Sixth Form we can provide you with the experience you need to excel. For us, sixth form is about looking ahead and we are here to help guide you as you make some very important decisions about your future.

We have a strong and supportive sixth form community where everybody is valued as an individual.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge and stretch you through stimulating and exciting lessons that are personalised to your needs and your ambitions for the future.

Small class sizes together with high-quality teaching and learning ensure the personal touch, which enables us to bring out the best in our students.

Dedicated subject specialists enthuse sixth formers by sharing their love of their subjects. At the beginning of your sixth form journey you will be taught study skills that will help build confidence and independence.


We have a strong and supportive sixth form community where everybody is valued as an individual.

Our dedicated pastoral team will help to ensure that you leave our sixth form with a set of skills that will set you up for life – resilience, the ability to respond to challenges and a determination to succeed.

Our focus is on academic achievement, however, sixth form life actively encourages team spirit and leadership skills, adaptability, responsibility for yourselves and others and pride in your endeavours and those of your peers through countless opportunities.

Sixth formers are encouraged to focus on their own independent learning, whilst enjoying the support of our inclusive and caring community and have a key role to play as leaders and shapers of the school.

We also encourage you to learn about yourself and others through a wide variety of exciting extra-curricular, enrichment experiences that help to provide you with the adaptability, skills and self-confidence needed for the future.