Adrian Harris

Adrian has served as a school governor for several years now and is committed to using his career experience wherever he can to improve the education of young people.

After studying architecture at university, Adrian discovered the profession was not for him and worked in retail banking for several years. He then moved on to IT, first as a computer programmer and other technical roles before taking on a role in project management at BT, working primarily on large, long-term government contracts. The remit of most of the contracts was not only the delivery of IT infrastructure but also business change. 

From that, Adrian became involved in strategic planning and business process improvement for government agencies and private sector organisations. Some projects also involved large data capture and conversation exercises, which required him to develop sampling methodologies and oversee the statistical analysis of large volumes of customer data to assure its final quality.

After running his own small business for a few years, Adrian now works in academic research at Durham University. His work put him in contact with academic colleagues at Durham and other higher education institutions. Research topics include studies of the implementation of social policy at all levels and across a range of sectors, including education.