Modern foreign languages

Modern foreign languages

Studying a language is not only gaining a useful skill to help with future employment but it is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your own language as well as other countries and cultures. At Hermitage Academy, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer opportunities to study the languages and cultures of France and Spain.

The most rewarding thing about studying a language is the opportunity it provides to travel and experience new cultures, try new food, listen to new music and meet new people, giving you a new perspective on your own culture.

Just a small amount of new language can open up new opportunities to communicate. In recent years, students have visited Northern France and Catalonia in Spain, which allowed our young linguists to use the language skills they developed in lessons.

Year 7

Learning outcomes

  • Introduction to pronunciation
  • Write longer sentences using opinions and reasons
  • Be able to use and recognise negatives
  • Introduction to verbs and declensions
  • Using adjectives and agreements
  • Develop skills to be able to interpret a text in French or Spanish and answer questions
  • Introduction to tenses

Topics taught

  • All about me
  • My home and family
  • Leisure and my town
  • At school

Year 8


Learning outcomes

  • Develop more detailed knowledge of the past, present and future tenses
  • Develop speaking skills to be able to respond spontaneously to questions
  • Write at length to include more detailed descriptions
  • Expand knowledge of vocabulary to be able to narrate

Topics taught

  • Holidays
  • Jobs work and future plans
  • Food and healthy eating

Year 9


Learning outcomes

  • Begin our 3-year journey to GCSE, developing exam skills needed for reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Consolidate knowledge of past present and future tenses including irregular verbs
  • Introduction to conditional and imperfect tenses
  • Developing reading and listening skills to interpret some authentic material

Topics taught

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Media and technology
  • Family and relationships

Year 10


Learning outcomes

Throughout Years 10 and 11 the GCSE course encourages students to develop their ability and ambition to communicate with native speakers in speech and writing, broaden their horizons and encourage them to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world.


Throughout the course pupils will:

  • develop their ability to communicate confidently and coherently with native speakers in speech and writing, conveying what they want to say with increasing accuracy
  • express and develop thoughts and ideas spontaneously and fluently
  • listen to and understand clearly articulated, standard speech at near normal speed
  • deepen their knowledge about how language works and enrich their vocabulary to increase their independent use and understanding of extended language in a range of contexts
  • acquire new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking through the ability to understand and respond to authentic spoken and written material, adapted and abridged, as appropriate, including literary texts
  • develop awareness and understanding of the culture and identity of the countries and communities where French or Spanish is spoken
  • make appropriate links to other areas of the curriculum to enable bilingual and deeper learning, where the language may become a medium for constructing and applying knowledge
  • develop language learning skills both for immediate use and prepare them for further language study in school, higher education or employment
  • develop language strategies, including repair strategies.

Topics taught

Me my family and friends 

  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Marriage and partnerships

Free time activities

  • Music
  • Cinema and TV
  • Sport

Technology in everyday life

  • Social media
  • Mobile technology

Home, town, neighbourhood and region

  • Travel and tourism
  • Free time activities
  • Food and eating out

Social Issues

  • Healthy and unhealthy living
  • Customs and festivals in French or Spanish speaking countries

Year 11


Learning outcomes

See Year 10 information

Topics taught

My studies

  • Life at school and college
  • Education post-16

Jobs, career choices and ambitions

  • Social issues
  • Charity and voluntary work

Global Issues

  • The environment
  • Poverty and homelessness

Exam preparation