Through creative exploration of performance and design elements, the study of drama engages, inspires and challenges students, immersing them in the world of storytelling as an art form. Students will explore approaches to drama influenced by practitioners from a range of cultural backgrounds, with an appreciation of the importance and relevance of theatre in society.  

Drama at Hermitage Academy leads students on a journey of creativity and self-expression through the exploration of core knowledge and skills.    

Students are encouraged to develop their skills as an actor, directors and designers through the creation of original and pre-published performance material. As well as developing subject-specific skills, drama provides students with the opportunity to build a range of transferable skills, from effective communication to problem-solving.   

Across the key stages, students develop acting, directorial and design skills through a range of practical workshops, analysis of live theatre and interpretation seminars. Students perform using a range of drama conventions, mediums and strategies of increasing complexity.   

Students enjoy drama because it allows them to be whoever they want to be. It gives them a voice and an opportunity to share how they view the world.  Students develop the ability to work collaboratively and are inspired to become storytellers for their audience.  

Curriculum information

At Hermitage Academy we strive to provide our students with a range of exciting performance opportunities. We deliver extra-curricular activities through our drama and dance clubs throughout the week and aim to put on a full-scale production every year. Previous productions include The Lion King, High School Musical, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. Our students perform in a wide range of external performances including at the Northern Stage and the Gala Theatre in Durham. In addition to this, our KS4 and 5 students perform recitals of the examination work for family and friends and we offer coaching for those wishing to audition for university courses and organisations such as National Youth Theatre and British Youth Music Theatre. 







Introducing Stagecraft


Learn how to create different characters and a portray a range of different emotions. 

Explore the beginnings of performing on stage to an audience. 

Introducing Page to Stage


Learn how to use vocal and physical skills including tone, body language and facial expressions to perform from a chosen script.  

Introducing Creating Theatre  


Explore how to create your own performance generating ideas from a range of stimuli including images, lyrics and quotes. 


Developing Stagecraft   


Discover the techniques required when performing a range of emotions using different styles of theatre including naturalistic and non-naturalistic genres. 

Developing Page to Stage 


Develop your vocal skills through use of tone, pitch and pace as well as physical skills of body language, facial expression and levels to perform a more challenging script  

Developing Creating Theatre   


Working in groups, create your own performance material using stimulus from current affairs.  


Mastering Stagecraft   


Following on from the development of presenting emotions, develop a character and adapt performance material to suit a range of stage configurations. 

Mastering Page to Stage 


Further develop your vocal and physical skills to accurately and fluently demonstrate character meaning to an audience.   

Mastering Creating Theatre


Develop performance skills such as hot seating, role reversal, still images and flash backs to generate performance ideas derived from a stimulus. 


Developing Skills 


Exploration of the practical skills and techniques used by professional actors to develop enhanced vocal and physical performance skills. 

Analysis and evaluation of own and peer performances to identify strengths and areas for improvement .

Performing Modern Texts 


In-depth study of a modern text, analysing context, characterisation and language. 

Application of rehearsal techniques to lift a modern text off the page and realise it for performance. 

Evaluation of own performances.

Performing Classical Texts 


In-depth study of a classical text, analysing context, characterisation and language. 

Application of rehearsal techniques to lift a classical text off the page and realise it for performance. 

Evaluation of own performances. 


Working to a commission 


Developing knowledge and understanding of how to interpret an assignment brief in the style of a vocational commission and devise original drama performances based on given themes.  

201E Live Performance 


Externally assessed unit- Creation of live performance piece based on themes and vocational scenarios are set by the exam board.   

Analysis of professional performance venues, health and safety considerations. 

Development of rehearsal schedules and design elements. 

201E Live Performance 


Completion and performance of externally assessed unit. 


Drama is really good fun and has pushed me out of my comfort zone helping develop my confidence when working with others.
Year 9 student