Careers at Hermitage Academy

Careers education, guidance and advice is an integral part of your child's curriculum and experience at Hermitage Academy.

At Hermitage Academy, our Careers Leader is Mrs M Wake. Mrs L Howe (Deputy Headteacher) ensures strategic oversight for careers provision at Hermitage Academy. 

Both Mrs Wake and Mrs Howe may be contacted at Hermitage Academy, Waldridge Lane, Chester le Street, County Durham, DH2 3AD. (Telephone: 0191 388 7161 Email:

Hermitage Academy works in partnership with ‘Progress Careers’ together so that we are able to deliver up-to-date, state of the art careers education, advice and guidance.


  • To offer a careers programme that raises the aspirations of young people in order to capitalise on the opportunities available to them.
  • To build the aspirations and ambition of every student at Hermitage Academy.
  • To meet all of the Gatsby Benchmarks through a planned programme of activities that will help students choose pathways that enable them to manage their careers, sustain employment and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.


Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) should inspire, motivate and prepare young people to be able to make informed choices about their career pathways. At Hermitage Academy we are working with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership with the aim of implementing the Gatsby Benchmarks. These benchmarks define world-class career guidance and were developed on behalf of Gatsby by Sir John Holman. We are developing a stable, vibrant careers programme that  prepares young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Our careers programme outlines inspiring careers and enterprise activities alongside activities embedded throughout the curriculum. Activities enable encounters with employers, Higher Education and Further Education and Apprenticeships and are planned throughout the year. These enable young people to make well-informed decisions about education, training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities.

We incorporate resilience, aspiration and employment activities into our careers programme to help young people cope with challenging labour market conditions. A high-quality careers programme plays an important part in promoting social mobility for the benefit of young people, their families and wider society. The government has endorsed the fact that “great careers guidance provides the first rung on the ladder of opportunity, helping everyone to achieve their full potential”. (DfE, 2017, p. 3)

Independent Guidance

From year 10 onwards, students have access to independent careers advice to support them in making decisions about their next steps after GCSE.

Students also have access to ‘careers corner’ within the school library with online career guides, practice tests and interview questions and answers to help pass any job selection process  from

Work experience and volunteering

We encourage students to seek out their own work experience and volunteering opportunities after their GCSE exams in year 11 and in the sixth form. Volunteering provides the intrinsic reward of doing something worthwhile and helpful for others; allows personal growth in confidence, self-esteem, vital life-skills and competencies, as well as valuable content to make a CV stand out from the crowd.


At Hermitage Academy, we recognise the importance of working with employers and business people to provide high quality labour market information (LMI) that can inform students’ choices about their careers and ensure that they are future ready.

We are eager to work with employers and build on our current links; if you are a business person and feel that you could support students in some way, perhaps by giving a speech, workshop or tour then please get in touch.  If you would like to be part of our employer community, please contact Michelle Wake at Hermitage Academy.

Parents and Carers

Here are some links that you may find useful in supporting your child in exploring careers:

Parents’ guide to engineering careers

Parents’ guide to science careers – including job suggestions

LMI bulletin issues

Labour Market Information (LMI) gives you an insight into what is happening in the jobs market locally, regionally and nationally. Have a read of some of the LMI issues below.